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Hello, I just wanted to share this easy way to extract archives from within vifm. Maybe there's a better way but it works quite well. It requires dtrx.

" Extract an archive
command! extract dtrx -n %c %i
nnoremap x :extract<cr>:echo expand('%"c') ": archive extracted"<cr>

And thank you for this amazing programme!


Hi, I've tried this but the "archive extracted" message occurs before it completes and even if it fails. Is it possible to show only after it actually occurs?


Hi. If you remove %i then it will wait for the command to finish.


You can also try using this plugin:

command! extract :Bg dtrx -n %c
nnoremap <silent> x :extract<cr>

It won't give you status information, but you'll see indication of the ongoing process until it's done.

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