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The suggestbox for the comma (,) prefix disappears after about a
second or faster which is inconsistent with how it behaves in
case of other keywords such as d,z or q. The documentation
doesn't describe and option for such customization.

I am using the following default option:

set suggestoptions=normal,visual,view,otherpane,keys,marks,registers

vifm 0.12

Is this intentional? How to normalize it?

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Yes, this is how user mappings work in presence of a conflicting builtin mapping in Vim.

You can use <wait> map argument for your comma mappings to address this:

In case of builtin mapping causing conflict for a user-defined mapping
(e.g., t builtin to a partially typed ta user-defined mapping), ignore
the builtin mapping and wait for input indefinitely as opposed to
default behaviour of triggering the builtin mapping after a delay defined
by 'timeoutlen'.


Thank you for helping out.