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tree navigation in view mode

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asked Apr 28, 2016 in vifm by anonymous


is there a feature or plans for it to navigate through a tree in view mode?
I mean if I position the cursor on a directory in one pane, hit 'w', tree appears in other pane, hit 's-tab', it would be nice to have a cursor for navigation and selecting directories/files.


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answered Apr 28, 2016 by xaizek
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it was requested some time ago, but back then it wasn't possible to implement. Current situation is that it's quite possible (due to internal changes since that moment), but not implemented yet. And it would be implemented in file list, not in view mode, which is just a preview not capable of handling such things.

Need to give it a try. Technically it should be a custom view like the one you get from :!find %u, but with different presentation (like a tree instead of file list). So you can try using :!find %u or equivalent for now.

commented Apr 29, 2016 by anonymous

Hi xaizek,

thanks for the quick answer. I tried ':!find %f | sort %U' and it works for now pretty well. The output is not super pretty and a tree-like view is more compact, but as a first step it's good enough to work with.

thanks again,

commented Sep 4, 2016 by xaizek

It's available in development version for a while now and will be in the next release (0.8.3):

commented Sep 28, 2016 by anonymous

Oh yeah! I'm looking forward to 0.8.3!

Thanks a lot,

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