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when starting vifm from terminal multiplexer (tmux) it doesn't automatically enable screen mode. I always need to enable it manually with


I'm running vifm at Arch Linux 4.8.10-1 (x86_64) using the terminal emulator st together with the fish shell. But I have the same problems when running it from gnome-terminal with bash or dash.

tmux version is 2.3-1

Is there any way to force usage of screen in the vifmrc file? Or do you have any ideas why screen is not automatically enabled?

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Whether terminal multiplexer support is active or not can be saved in vifminfo file, but for that your 'vifminfo' option should contain state value. You can add it in your vifmrc like this:

set vifminfo+=state

It will also save state of filters, so if you don't want that and 'vifminfo' does not contain state just put


directly to your vifmrc.

Note that you don't want to combine state with screen because :screen in vifmrc toggles support (related issue). Next version (after 0.8.2) will include :screen! form which always enables the support instead of toggling it, that one can be put into vifmrc without odd behaviour every other time vifm is run.


that works :)

thank you for clarifying

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