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Is it possible to hide some folders just like how dotfiles are hidden by default?

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There is :filter command for this. To ignore directories specify trailing slash, like this:

:filter /dirname\//

You probably want to put this into vifmrc.


This works great in the command bar, but not in vimrc, for some reason. I tried many different variations, but the directories that were filtered out still appear.


Try putting it at the very bottom of the file, looks like some other command interferes.


Something is definitely wrong. I used a new vimrc file, and only the last :filter /dirname\// is applied and only so on the left pane.


Right, each next invocation rewrites previous value, this is regular expression so separate several values with |. There was a discussion on commands to add/remove part of filter, but it wasn't implemented, at least not yet.

Regarding only left pane being affected, my bad, I forgot that 0.8 needs :windo prefix for commands and settings to affect both panes:

windo filter /dirname\//

Thanks! Note to others:

windo filter /Desktop\/|Documents\/|Downloads\/|Library\/|Movies\/|Music\/|Pictures\//

Hides ugly OS X folders.

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