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Status bar/line customized content

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asked Aug 7, 2018 in vifm by tagwint

Please suggest if / how it is possible to add some dynamic info to status line?
e.g. output of result of some external command
Or at least an environment variable value?
The very least would be just host name :)

1 Answer

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answered Aug 7, 2018 by xaizek
selected Aug 8, 2018 by tagwint
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The easiest way to add environment variables is via :let:

let &statusline = $HOSTNAME . '| some other stuff'

A more cumbersome method, but one that works with versions older than 0.8.1 is to use :execute:

execute 'set' 'statusline="'.$HOSTNAME.' | some other stuff"'

To use external commands that don't produce static output you need to wait for the next release (after 0.9.1), which adds %{...} macro that can have arbitrary expressions, e.g. %{system('hostname')}.

If the command can be called once at startup, :let with system() should do.

commented Aug 8, 2018 by tagwint
edited Aug 8, 2018 by tagwint

Thank you for prompt reply, @xaizek

Suggested let works fine in v 0.8.2, thanks again.

On other hosts with v 0.8 the it does not :(
I can change statusline content with set statusline
but cannot modify it with let

Furthermore, if i do this interactively using :let &statusline="Customized"
v 0.8.2 accept this, whilst 0.8 throws "Incorrect variable type" message

Am I right thinking this is version - related?
Or there is something else i should check in vifmrc?

commented Aug 8, 2018 by xaizek

Yes, :let &option was added in 0.8.1. Updated the answer with an example of using :execute that is available since 0.7.1.

commented Aug 8, 2018 by tagwint

Overseen your reply when providing more details in my above comment :)

Yep, execute is my rescue for now.

Appreciate your prompt and friendly support!

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