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indicate that shell sessions is running inside vifm

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asked Aug 17, 2018 in vifm by jose1711
edited Aug 17, 2018 by xaizek

many times i've been wondering myself if my session (i use plenty of tabs) is "vanilla" or run inside vifm. i've come with this (put into `.zshrc`):

if [ $(ps -ocommand= $(ps -oppid= -p $$)) = "vifm" ]
        printf "\e[48;5;21m"
        echo "-- VIFM SHELL SESSION --"
        export PROMPT="-- VIFM_SESSION --"$'\n'"${ret_status} %{$fg[cyan]%}%c%{$reset_color%} $(git_prompt_info)"

so it then looks as follows:

➜  ~ uname 

slightly different background would probably be better but i am not sure if it could survive commands like `reset` for instance. do you have anything else in mind? maybe this could also go to tips section?

1 Answer

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answered Aug 17, 2018 by xaizek
edited Sep 1, 2018 by xaizek

I have it setup differently. In vifmrc:

let $INSIDE_VIFM = 'true'

In .bashrc something similar to this (it's actually more complicated, but
that part doesn't seem to work as expected):

if [ -n "$INSIDE_VIFM" ]; then
    unset INSIDE_VIFM

However environment variable might be set to some child, which will then spawn a shell which will think it's in vifm.

maybe this could also go to tips section?

Do you mean on wiki? It's there now.

commented Aug 19, 2018 by anonymous

thank you, your solution is definitely cleaner. and yes, i meant wiki.

commented Aug 19, 2018 by xaizek

But it has that drawback due to environment variables being inherited, which your solution doesn't have. Yeah, might be worth adding to the tips, maybe both options as they are quite different.

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