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I'm using autofs to mount USB drives and SD cards when entering their specified directories (they're FAT formatted, in case that's relevant). When I copy files to the drives, vifm complains: "Error while putting. [path to file]: Failed to setup file permissions". I can choose [i] to ignore this, and the file will be copied just fine.

The reason I think this is a vifm issue is because copying files onto the drive in the command line produces no errors and works ok.

So the nag is irritating but can be [i]gnored, and when copying a number files inside the same directory it's not a real problem. However, when trying to copy a directory with subdirectories, only one subdirectory inside the directory will be copied. This means that much/most of any directory structure you want to copy onto a removable drive has to be done one directory at a time, all the while manually [i]gnoring the nag messages every time.

Is there a way around this?


Is that all that's written in the error message? I'd expect there to be a description of error code provided by the system as well, it should be in parenthesis after "Failed to setup file permissions".

I'm also copying files to FAT file systems periodically, but I don't remember receiving such errors. Maybe you specify some extra options for your mounts?

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