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Is there a way to filter out certain columns if the window is too small?

When I have a large window, I would want to display:
{name}{uname}{gname}{perms}{size}{mtime} etc,

But as the window gets smaller, I don't need to see uname/gname/perms, but its important that the full filename is maintained.


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No, there isn't a mechanism for that (columns would need to be marked as "not important" in some way). However, you can use mappings to switch between different sets of columns:

" brief information about files
nnoremap <silent> ,b :set viewcolumns=*{name}..,6{}.<cr>
" detailed information about files
nnoremap <silent> ,d :set viewcolumns=*{name}.,10{perms},12{uname},-7{gname},10{size}.,20{mtime}<cr>

Edit: Related: issue #458 on GitHub.