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how to configure vifm to open archives using avfs

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asked Jun 12 in vifm by jose1711

i'd like to try avfs as an alternative to (really slow) archivemount. is there a way how to integrate it easily with vifm? avfs i have is fuse-enabled and works as described at https://github.com/glycerine/avfs/blob/master/avfs-1.0.3/doc/README.avfs-fuse.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 12 by xaizek

Archives can be entered like this, but you can't leave them by going to parent directory as vifm wants to do unmounting, which fails. I guess something like FUSE_MOUNT3 which will skip unmounting is needed.

In vifmrc:

filetype *.tar,*.tar.bz2,*.tbz2,*.tgz,*.tar.gz,*.tar.xz,*.txz,*.deb
       \ {Mount with avfs}




rmdir "$dest"
ln -s "$HOME/.avfs$file#/" "$dest"
commented Jun 12 by jose1711

thank you, mounting works nicely but as you said - exiting a browsing mode is a bit of a hassle

commented Jun 17 by xaizek

Added FUSE_MOUNT3 format.

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