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Vifm can not create file/folder in Winows directories on WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

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asked Oct 30, 2019 in vifm by AleŇ°

After activating Windows 10 with product key my vifm in WSL is unable to create file/directory or save files after editing. Before activating it was ok. I can create file with touch or directory with mkdir on command line, but I can not in vifm, therefore I think problem is with vifm and not with WSL. I tried to deactivate Windows back, reinstall vifm but without success. How to make vifm create files again?

commented Nov 1, 2019 by xaizek

Are you using vifm binary for Windows or did you install it inside WSL? Are you trying to create files inside WSL or outside of it? I'm not sure if things will work if you mix Windows app with WSL file system or vice versa.

commented Nov 2, 2019 by AleŇ°

I installed vifm inside WSL. I am trying to create files outside WSL. It worked before Windows product key activation.

commented Nov 4, 2019 by xaizek

So vifm must be still doing things the way it was doing them before activation. It's something else that has changed (maybe an updated was applied). Maybe try reporting this to WSL developers on their GitHub.

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