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I tried to build Vifm by two different ways from this page (https://wiki.vifm.info/index.php/Obtaining_Vifm). But I am failed.

1) Using MXE (on GNU/Linux)
During building MXE toolchains I got errors about no rules for "mingwrt" and "w32api" targets.

I built MXE without these targets and when I tried to build Vifm I got errors about absent "ws2_32" and "netapi"

2) Using MinGW
I prepared full environment for building: downloaded mingw from the link, downloaded, patched and built PDCurses, downloaded pthreads and regex.

But when I tried to build Vifm I got error:

In file included from cmd_completion.c:30:
compat/dtype.h:27:2: error: expected identifier before '(' token
cmd_completion.c: In function 'complete_highlight_groups':
cmd_completion.c:639:6: warning: implicit declaration of function 'strncasecmp' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
   if(strncasecmp(str, expr, len) == 0)
Makefile.win:147: recipe for target 'cmd_completion.o' failed
mingw32-make: *** [cmd_completion.o] Error 1

Could you help me to fix one of these way to build Vifm for Windows? Or could you give me one more way or some advice how to do it?

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1) Looks like those packages are gone by now, I'm actually using MXE at some commits from 2015, need to update it. You can try changing Makefile.win from:

LIBS := -lregex -lnetapi32 -lws2_32 -lm


LIBS := -lregex -lm

at line #25.

2) Don't remember getting such errors on MinGW and I seem to be using the latest 8.1.0 version with gcc --version saying:

gcc (i686-posix-dwarf-rev0, Built by MinGW-W64 project) 8.1.0

Update (17.07.2020)

I just pulled the current version of MXE and built it without mingwrt and w32api packages. The two libraries (ws2_32 and netapi) exist and I have no trouble building Vifm.

If you would like to make a bug report or feature request consider using GitHub, SourceForge or e-mail. Posting such things here is acceptable, but this is not a perfect place for them.

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