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Hello Vifm Support Team,

On Windows 7 x64 the CMD is legacy so it can't resize any bigger and handle the colorschemes. I'm not interested in the vifm window size; however, I want to talk about the colorscheme.

Initial Launch of Vifm uses the default colorscheme, but then upon re-opening vifm the color scheme seems to enable the highlighting of a pane that isn't in focus. How do I disable Highlighting Panels/Panes that aren't in focus?

Thank you.

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do :e $VIFM/colors/Default.vifm inside Vifm and remove the line containing OtherWin. Due to a bug it's written with bad attributes which messes up inactive pane.

On Windows 7 x64 the CMD is legacy so it can't resize any bigger

You can resize it in properties and it will be remembered. First time it's simpler to do something like

:set columns=100 lines=80

inside Vifm or :set columns+=40 to figure out the size you want and then go to properties to make the size permanent (it's remembered per executable file, I think).

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