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Yes, I installed vifm.vim and when I run any command in invoke vifm such as :Vifm I receive the following error: Got a non-zeo code from vifm: 1.

vifm runs fine in a terminal session

I am running Vim 8.1 on Ubuntu 16.04.

I have tried running it with both vim and gvim and get the same error.
I have also tried running it with a simple .vimrc file in case it was a conflict with another plugin.

I assume the issue is me. Is there a setting I need to add to my .vimrc file besides loading the plugin?

Thank you.

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What version of vifm are you using? It might be too old for the latest vifm.vim, in which case you'll need to downgrade the plugin.



You were correct I was using a too old version of vifm for the plugin to work. I went the other route. I installed the latest version of vifm from source and the plugin will start and open a file.

I did notice two times I get the same error.

  1. I get the same error if I have a file open and call the plugin with :Vifm or similar command. The vifm window will open and when I select another file to work on I get the error and I am brought back the vim window with the first file. If I use :bd and delete the buffer than the plugin works.

  2. The second issue (more of an fyi and not that important) I have my vim setup to work with gpg to edit encrypted files using a script from https://vim.fandom.com/wiki/Encryption Again rather than opening the file. I get the same error.

Thanks for all your help


Don't see either of the issues neither with my Vim setup nor with an empty one (no .vimrc and only vifm.vim plugin installed). That's with Vim 8.2. Same with the first issue using Vim 8.1 on a different machine with my config (gpg isn't configured there).

I tried to open GPG files using code from that Wikipage and using https://github.com/jamessan/vim-gnupg/, works fine either way (the plugin avoids messing up my terminal though).


Thanks for your help.

I played around some more and the error is much more random than I thought. It does not seem to be related to file type, order, or a particular file. I can start vim and it will error on a particular file but than in a fresh vim session that file can be opened but another can't be opened. At this point I can not find any type of pattern.

I will try to find some pattern or some way to replicate the error on a consistent basis and get back to you.

Thanks again for your help.


Thanks for the information. There were some oddities reported here regarding the same error:

only if gvim is executed from the click on kde plasma gvim.desktop. If I launch givm from the Konsole in the same directory ($HOME) and then I enter :Vifm, the error does not occur.

Some other plugins could interfere as well. I think that switching of buffers is a weak spot which can be broken by autocommands.