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I use gnome-terminal. Settings are

TERM = xterm-256color
colorscheme  : Gruvbox-dark.

and everything is Ok with vifm (colorscheme = Default)

Then I connect to a VM (kvm/qemu) via ssh and install vifm on it (colorScheme = Default).
On first run, vifm colors are Ok, same as the host (black background), in both panes.

On next runs, only the active pane shows correct background, the other pane has a light background, with underlines.

Any ideas ?


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it's a bug in 0.10.1 in writing Default colorsccheme to a file. Open $VIFM/colors/Default.vifm and remove the line with OtherWin (or just cterm= part of the line).


Ok, thanks.
Just it's not OtherLine, but OtherWin !
It works fine, now.


Right, OtherWin. It was middle of the night :-)


in windows system no file Default.vifm, where can i find OtherWin
I'm find directory is "C:\Users\"YouUserName"\AppData\Roaming\Vifm\colors\Default.vifm"


Alex, you should be able to run :e $VIFM/colors/Default.vifm inside Vifm to open the file. That's easier than navigating there manually.

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I solved it by adding highlight clear to vifmrc.

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