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When in compare view, i can use ]c and [c to jump to next/previous change.
It seems that only files that differ considered changes.
If a file is missed on one side but present on the other, the missing side just has ...... (dots).
In some sense I'd consider that a change too, like vimdiff does.
Anyhow, I would like to have a shortcut to jump to dot-line w/o scrolling/looking for it.
Is there anything you can suggest for that?

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The documentation says mismatched entry, not change (as c might suggest, which is weird).

I don't think it's possible to implement it by some kind of a mapping except in current view, where you can search for an empty file name (^$) to find "........." entries.


Finding an empty line the way you suggested is quite useful in fact.

Moreover I managed the following mapping

noremap ]e  
 \ :  
 \ | execute 'normal /^$'
 \ | execute 'normal n'<cr>

nnoremap [e  
 \ :  
 \ | execute 'normal ?^$'
 \ | execute 'normal n'<cr>

so now ]e and [e can be used to find empty lines forwards and backward

Thanks for your support!

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