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I'm trying to figure out how to use this on Windows (since I have to use Windows for work sadly), however, I can't get it too work. Could someone maybe answers these two questions for me like I'm using a computer for the first time. I tried searching here and found some answers, however, they sadly didn't help me solve my issues. :(

  1. Where should I store the configuration file? I'm using the 64.bit portable package (I didn't find an installer one for 64.bit). I have tried placing one inside the PortableFolder/Data/ and one inside Appdata/Roaming/vifm, neither of them worked. I tried changing the default theme in both files, neither of them made the app start with a new theme when restarted.
  2. This is probably part of the same issue as one, but I'm not sure. I tried opening certain apps (and setting default software in settings), but I never got it to work. When I call the software from Terminal I don't need to use the full C:/etc. path, but do I need that in Vifm?


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you can put it in PortableFolder/ next to the executable. Appdata/Roaming/vifm/ should also work. If you have $HOME defined, you can use $HOME/.vifm. To check which location Vifm picked and whether it matches your expectations use

:echo $VIFM

The second issue should be resolved by this as well.

Documentation specifies priority of locations which are checked on startup.


Thank you! I now placed it directly in the Portable Folder and that fixed the issue! :) Now I just need to find out how to call some software from the terminal. :D Like Firefox, since that doesn't open with the path set, or the name (I believe that is something Firefox related though since it also doesn't work when I call it in Command Prompt).

Thanks again!


Mind this issue: https://q2a.vifm.info/654/opening-pdf-files-in-windows

There is a bug with handling paths with forward slashes in file associations, so use backslashes. Other than that, you can use just name of the program if it can be discovered through %PATH%.