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I'm running VIFM version vifm-w32-se-0.11-binary on Windows 10.

I have the "num lock" state OFF, so the arrow keys and the "pg up" and "pg down" keys on the numeric keypad work in other applications. However they do nothing in VIFM.

In particular, I would like the numeric keypad "pg up" and "pg dn" to do the same thing as how the dedicated "pg up" and dedicated "pg dn" keys function (and those dedicated keys operate correctly).

I tried seeing if I could map <kPageUp> and <kPageDown> in the vifmrc file, but those "designations" for the numeric keypad "pg up" and "pg dn" seem to be valid for VIM application only, but not for VIFM. So that attempt did not work.


In Summary: How do I get the numeric keypad "pg up" and "pg dn" to function ... rather than do nothing--which is current behavior I am getting?

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I think there is no way in v0.11. For some reason Windows version of libcurses treats those keys unlike their non-numpad counterparts (even Enter) and this needs to be taken into account by the code to make them work.

I'll try to fix it in the next version (to be released soon).


Looking forward to the next version, then. Thank you.


Fixed on master.


Thank you for the v0.12 release (vifm-w32-se-0.12-binary) -- The numeric keypad "pg up" and "pg dn" keys are working on Windows 10.

Much appreciated!