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I am using the following script from wiki.

command! FZFlocate : set noquickview
              \| let $FZF_PICK = term('locate $HOME | fzf-tmux --height 10 2>/dev/tty')
              \| if $FZF_PICK != ''
              \|     execute 'goto' fnameescape($FZF_PICK)
              \| endif

It open a new tmux window and then show fzf on the bottom half of the new window. Is there a way to get it to show up in the same window as vifm?


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Have you tried using fzf instead of fzf-tmux? fzf-tmux probably opens the new window.

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I just ried :!fzf and it opens up in new window. Is there any way to run fzf in the same window as vifm?


That's not the same as using fzf in term(). These are different things and they behave differently with regard to multiplexers. :! opens new window unless you add %n, but term()/system() never use multiplexer.


got it, thank you

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