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How can I access version of the vifm-help file inside of vifm with links such as the one in the website or similar to what is available in through vim :help command?


I tryed accessing the help file from vifm :help command but it returned a message saying that there was no vifm-help.txt file in the .config/vifm directory, so I copyed the vifm-app.txt from vifm/data/vim/doc/app source folder to ~/.config/vifm folder and renamed it to vifm-help.txt but the resulting file didn't had any links or marks.

I checked the vifmrc file and found these lines:

" If you installed the vim.txt help file set vimhelp.
" If would rather use a plain text help file set novimhelp.

set novimhelp

but I'm not sure this is related to what I was trying to achieve as there is no vim.txt help file in the source files or vifm-help.txt file for that matter.

Any help is appreciated.

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set vimhelp

Is what you're looking for. The comment is outdated (thanks for noticing it!).

I'll make this the default, as Vim help files are installed with the application for about five years now.

there was no vifm-help.txt file in the .config/vifm directory

This is strange, it's supposed to be copied there automatically when vifm is properly installed.


Thank you. It's working now. I reinstalled so the missing vifm-help.txt file in config directory was probably a falty install.