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I would like to create a new tab to the right of the current tab when I press a key (e.g. t), rather than as the last tab.

I’ve tried writing a command so that I can bind it to t, but when I try running it in Vifm 0.11, the message “Trailing characters” appears in the status line.

:tabnew | tabmove echo tabpagenr()+1

I think the problem is with passing echo tabpagenr()+1 to tabmove as an argument, although I haven't been able to figure out how to make it work.

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Looks like you've found a bug, thanks! I rarely use pane tabs and didn't notice that they are added in the wrong place (global tabs are added after the current one).

This is the command you need:

:execute 'tabnew' '|' 'tabmove' tabpagenr()

By the way, this is fixed in development version.