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I'm writing a map to toggle the presence of extra columns in both panes:

noremap b :if &viewcolumns == "-{name},6{size},11{perms}" |
        \ :windo set viewcolumns="-{name}" | else |
        \ :windo set viewcolumns="-{name},6{size},11{perms}" | endif<CR>

But I get

Missing :endif

when I give it a try. It works just fine without the :windo though.

Could you help me understanding what is wrong and how to fix it? Thanks.

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See :help vifm-:bar, :windo doesn't end at |. You need to wrap it in :execute:

noremap b :if &viewcolumns == "-{name},6{size},11{perms}" |
        \ :execute 'windo set viewcolumns="-{name}"' | else |
        \ :execute 'windo set viewcolumns="-{name},6{size},11{perms}"' | endif<CR>
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