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I remapped da to dA in order to be able to later create mapping for daf and dad to delete all files and directories.

nnoremap dA da<cr>

I just tried dA and selected n in the delete confirmation dialog and vifm crashed:

ifm: event_loop.c:248: event_loop: Assertion `counter <= input_buf_pos' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

Am I doing it wrong?

Thank you

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You don't need <cr> in normal mode. Thanks for finding a bug.

UPDATE. That assertion is fixed by this commit.


It does not crash without <cr>. Thank you.
But, is this the right way of doing it? Or I have to first disable the builtin da and then remap it?


Yes, that's how you do it. Builtin keys can't be disabled.

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