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Is it possible to change the size format for ga? I have human readable format for the columns, but it would be very useful to get the size in byte when I use ga.

Thank you

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ga overrides the size displayed without it. Displaying size doesn't depend on the source of the value. Size in bytes is present in a menu on Ctrl+G.


Ctrl+G view is still messed up, I think because of Magic library. Is there any workaround for it yet? I am building vifm from source and it has all the dependencies.


It is messed up only in AppImage, because app ended up using files from a different version of libmagic. This shouldn't happen when building from sources.


Yes, I build from source. This is how it looks like for me:



And other views look OK? Check that your $TERM is correct for your terminal.


Yes, I haven't experienced any other view issues.
Here is my $TERM in vifm subshell:

$ echo $TERM

If you're running Vifm in tmux, then $TERM value is OK. What terminal emulator are you using? And what's $TERM value before you start tmux?

You can try configuring with --without-libmagic option, although it shouldn't affect anything.


I am using Alacritty.
$TERM is xterm-256color before tmux.

I tried it in xfce4-terminal without and with tmux and it was fine. Then I tried it in Alacrity without and with tmux and it was just fine. So, I restarted my tmux session and it started working fine.

Thank you.

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