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Hi, i asked the following question:

Fzf cd & goto in one command?

and everything was working great, thanks again !!

My issue is that if i want to change into my Downloads directory, fzf will first list all the files with downloads in their filename

This was not the case before. There might have been an update to fzf, that has changed the behavior of the commands.

I thought i would ask the question here, as maybe someone else has had the same issue?

Thanks in advance

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Can you be more specific as to what you expect and what you get? Does sorting depend on your current directory?


Sorry, I just saw your answer now ...

and also just figured my issue out :-)

if i type the directory path without spaces, it works as before, and as i want

ie if searching for /Documents/Books/Literature

i just have to type docboolit and all works fine (before i would type this with spaces, and it would work, but now it only works without spaces ...)

Thanks anyway !!!


Looks like they've added --scheme=path in v0.33 to return behaviour that you describe after changing it in v0.32


Yes, that does the trick,

Thanks alot, as always !!

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