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fileviewer *.bmp,*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png,*.xpm
    \ kitty +kitten icat --transfer-mode=file --place=%pwx%ph@%pxx%py %c %N
    \ %pc
    \ kitty +kitten icat --transfer-mode=file --place=%pwx%ph@%pxx%py --clear %N

I am using this for image previews but its really annoying due to it blocking the application. Is there a way to make it non blocking? somehow put it in the background but still get the image?

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--transfer-mode=file should just send file path to the terminal, which is fast, but icat might be waiting for the image to be displayed. If there is a reason to wait for drawing, things are unlikely to work even if it would run in background because using terminal by two apps at the same time rarely works.