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I currently have the following behavior:

current line number is 0

I have relative line numbers but the line number of the line I am currently standing on is shown as 0.

Is there a way to change this behavior to have the current line number of the line I am currently standing on to be the absolute line number of this line ? (5 in my example, 0 would be ../)

Sorry if this question has been answered somewhere already, but I couldn't find it...

Thanks a lot.

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You've enabled only 'relativenumber' option, enable 'number' as well to see absolute line number for current line.


Thank you, this is almost it, is there a way to make it start at 0 ?


There isn't, line numbers start at 1.

If you would like to make a bug report or feature request consider using GitHub, SourceForge or e-mail. Posting such things here is acceptable, but this is not a perfect place for them.

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