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Wanted to use file tagging. Probably i can store tags inside filenames as workaround.


Do you mean highlighting (like different color for directories) or selecting (like with t key)? There is also builtin support for tagging (it's primary goal is navigation though), :bmark, :bmarks, :bmgo.


I meant highlighting (colors).
Thought i can use :bmark only for directories. Was i wrong? Manual says only bout directories.


:bmark is for directories, but bmark! can mark files as well (e.g., :bmark! %c tags current file).

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I don't see a way to employ external commands in the process of picking highlight using existing means (and not sure I get how it would work, probably like some kind of predicate that gets path to the file).

However, in principle you can highlight file by full path like this:

 highlight {{/home/user/some/file}} ctermfg=red

I say "in principle", because the pattern is accepted, but doesn't work (pattern is matched against file name only, which is a bug). So thanks for implicit bug report :-).

By the way, you might not be satisfied with performance of running external application to determine file highlighting. Even with obviously employed caching the slowdown might be noticeable.