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based on the wiki, on a Windows system, the parent directory of the exe is considered a valid location for configuration files. I have my vifmrc in that directory, but it isn't loaded on start. I have also tried putting it in the same directory as the exe (which is also described as a valid place), but this does not work either.

I can :source the config manually and the settings load up, but if I :restart then the default settings load back up.

The $MYVIFMRC is empty when I echo it, though the other environment variables seem to be working (e.g. $HOME $VIFM).

Is this the intended behavior and I've just misconfigured or misunderstood something, or is this not the correct behavior?

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the parent directory of the exe
in the same directory as the exe

This is the same directory, directory containing exe is parent directory of that exe file (probably worth rephrasing if that's confusing).

Putting vifmrc next to exe should work and overwrite anything else on Windows. I just tested and it works here.

If you have vifm.exe and vifmrc in the same directory and start vifm, does output of these commands inside vifm point to this directory?

:echo $VIFM

Note that you need to complete restart vifm (not use :restart) for it to rediscover configuration.


Great, that works. I did have a misunderstanding about what constituted the "parent directory", and also thought that :restart would detect the moved vifmc. Moving vifmrc to the correct location and vifm exit and restart got everything working. Thank you.