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Dynamic menu based on the file type or extension

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asked Jul 10, 2018 in vifm by anonymous

i wonder if it's possible to get a dynamic list of commands based on the current file extension/contents. something that would present me with different options for .jpg file (edit in gimp, open in geeqie, delete exif data) and for .pdf (open in okular, xpdf..) for instance.

1 Answer

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answered Jul 10, 2018 by xaizek
selected Jul 10, 2018 by xaizek
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If output of vifm --version contains the following line:

Parsing of .desktop files is enabled

Then :file command should display such list based on what other software is installed in the system. If the line above ends with disabled, you'll only see associations that are set in vifmrc file.

commented Jul 10, 2018 by anonymous

thank you a ton, exactly what i was looking for. j

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