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I have recently switched from ranger to vifm and I really like vifm a lot!
However, I am missing a feature which I found quite useful. It is the vcs_aware option provided by ranger which is explained here.

Does vifm offer some comparable option? I could imagine something similar to a sign column within vim which could be used to display a symbol indicating the status of a file (uptodate, conflicted, untracked, deleted, changed or staged, or ignored).

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No, there isn't really a comparable feature. Maybe one day there will be a way to add this as an extension like an extra column or a sign column.

The closest thing at the moment could be adding something like %{ system(expand("your-script %c")) } to 'statusline' and maybe using this to quickly view git status:

command! Gst git -c color.status=always status -s %q

Awesome, thanks a lot! I will give this a try then! :)