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Typing A removes the extension by default, which is pretty annoying.
I can see the intention behind the implementation, so here is what I suggest instead:

  • A would enter "New name" mode without changing the extension, but backspace would remove the extension.
    — With this approach, users can append to the extension, or use the arrow keys to change the file name without affecting the extension, and pressing backspace assumes that they want to change the extension.

What do you think?

If you don't want to change the implementation, how can I switch to a more standard vi-like behavior?

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It's not a builtin command, just a sample mapping from sample vifmrc that is defined as:

nnoremap A cw<c-w>

Just change it to:

nnoremap A cw

By the way, looks like I did exactly this some time ago, probably following the same reasoning. Will change sample files then, thanks!