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Sorry in advance for the basic question, but it's got me tearing my hair out.
When in the standard dual-pane mode, I press 'w' to get a preview directory tree on the opposite pane. Then I can 'shift-tab' to scroll up and down in that pane. But what was the keypress to make it so the lines of long filenames do not wrap around (so I get a cleaner view of the tree structure). I did it once after seeing it on some forum, but I cannot find it again, and in all of the documentation the word 'wrap' is used in a completely different context.
Thanks again, vifm is actually amazing but I guess it's hard for a vim newbie like me to actually find the answers I'm looking for in the documentation itself.

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'wrap' option is what you need. In sample vifmrc toggling it is mapped to ,w. To toggle it manually do :set wrap! or :set invwrap.


Ah, that's what it was. When I hit comma, the corresponding menu disappears too quickly to read so I wasn't able to see it.
Much appreciated :)