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I created a command in vifmrc for 7z:

command! mCompressA 7z a -tzip -mx=5 -mmt=8 %f.zip %f

In vifm, I select a file with space like a b.txt and it handles it properly.

Now I move the 7z command to a bash script (mCompress.sh):


7z a -tzip -mx=5 -mmt=8 $@.zip $@

and change the vifmrc to:

command! mCompressA bash mCompress.sh %f

Now, the command can not handle the same file with space a b.txt. I tried %"f and the issue still exists.

Should I do something specific when dealing with bash script?

Thank you

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You need to fix the script:


7z a -tzip -mx=5 -mmt=8 "$1.zip" "$1"
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