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What key should I use to map alt+left to :histprev?

thank you

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It's not predefined, but you can try using a key code: type Ctrl+V Alt+Left in a shell. Likely to be this:

nnoremap <silent> <esc>[1;3D :histprev<cr>

When I do Ctrl+v Alt+Left in terminal, I get ^[[1;3D. So, I trued both of the followings and none of them work:

nnoremap <silent> ^[[1;3D :histprev<cr>


nnoremap <silent> <esc>[[1;3D :histprev<cr>

Do you have any suggestion?


Have you tried my command? ^[ is a single key and corresponds to <esc>, not to <esc>[.


Yes, that was the first command I tried. It doesn't work.


Then it should work, not sure what my get in the way.


The issue was a binding in tmux. I changed it and the issue is resolved. Thank you!

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