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I am using a command that runs a bash script. The bash script works just fine in terminal without any errors or issues, but when I run it is vifm (with %m), I get this error:


Do you know what might be causing this sort of errors? If I press Ctrl+C, it skips the error and shows the results just fine.

Thank you

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Looks like an encoding/locale issue (like bash doesn't interpret UTF-8 when run from Vifm). You can try running locale in the script and compare its output inside and outside of Vifm to see if there is any difference.


I found the issue. It was the error that pdftotext was producing for one of the pdfs. It is not showing it in terminal for some reason when I run my script. I am piping the output of pdftotext to rg. I redirect the error message to /dev/null and its gone.

Thank you.

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