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Hi dears, is there any way to check free space on USB drive or SSD Drive ?

Thanks in advance

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there is %c macro for 'statusline' option.


Hi xaizek, could you help me with a simple example ?, because I'm triying the script on manual but nothing changes.... when opens vifm still appearing default hint:..........

Thanks a lot


Sound like you've added new set statusline=... above already existing one. Find where the option is set in vifmrc and add %c there.


Sorry, didn't work. Everywhere I put the '%c', nothing changes in the bar.

set statusline=" %c Hint: %z%= %A %10u:%-7g %15s %20d "


set statusline=" Hint: %z%= %A %10u:%-7g %15s %20d %c"


Maybe wrong vifmrc? Try :echo $MYVIFMRC in Vifm to see the path.

Otherwise, you reset the option in some other place. Can see its value with :set statusline? after startup.


Thanks, it's working. I was modifing other vifm file, in the path of exe file. Nevertheless I can't understand, why other settings works under the vimrc in exe files path.


vifmrc next to .exe has the highest priority unless $VIFM or $MYVIFMRC is defined.

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