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Hi vifm users,

Please one question,

I'm trying to map control + upArrow to create a new tab, but none of these seem to work, I don't know if it's posibble to map ctrl+upArrow in vifm, in regular vim/nvim this mapping works ok.

these don't seem to do anything :(
only this message is shown:
New full name: xxxxxxx

but I can't seem to find these default mapping in my vifmrc

nnoremap <C-Up>: tabnew
nnoremap <m-up>: tabnew
map <C-Up>: tabnew

Any hint?

Thanks in advanced,

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If it's not in the list of special sequences in here then it's not supported at the moment. If it is, whether it works might depend on the terminal.

Vim doesn't use curses for handling input and does a lot on its own while Vifm relies on curses.

You might be able to map control codes as in this issue. Pressing Ctrl+V followed by a key combination in a bash or Vim's command-line mode will usually show you the escape sequence to use for a mapping.


Thanks Xaizek!

It works by finding out the printer chars after ctrl+v, finally I have these mappings for tab manipulation :)

nnoremap [1;5A :tabnew<CR>
nnoremap [1;5C :tabnext<CR>
nnoremap [1;5D :tabprev<CR>
nnoremap [1;5B :tabclose<CR>
nnoremap tr :tabname<Space>

Best regards,

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