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Is there a config option to enable vifm to always run with --choose-dir - ?

Thanks :)

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No, there isn't. What would be the use case?

Usually you need special handling of redirected output when this option is passed in, otherwise the output won't be consumed because it would just be printed on the terminal. And in cases of invocations with redirection passing --choose-dir - is basically that configuration option.

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Yes I wish we could make it the default behavior.

I don't mind my latest directory getting printed to console, and I often use vifm in commands so it's a bit verbose to write that option every time...

Maybe it is possible to have some keybinding exiting vifm with current path as return value ?

Something like nnoremap Zp :!echo %c:p<CR>:exit<CR> but that does not work (correctly prints to console but not usable as command argument substitution)


Yes, :!echo prints to the current output stream, which is always a terminal, rather than the original stream.

An option can be added, original stream is always preserved, just not used without --choose-dir - or alike. A more flexible way is probably to expose the stream to Lua which already has "on exit" event and could print various things there.

By the way, have you tried defining a shell alias for vifm that includes --choose-dir -? That might also address this.


Yes I tried alias but it's not exactly ideal.

How can I echo to the original stream ? / expose stream to Lua ?

I actually really like this idea of Key shortcuts to achieve the original goal.

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