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The following may just be poor thinking.

Sometimes, I would like to sort directories by nitems and see that in the column. I am thinking it might help me to see nitems all the time, to see what kind of a directory it is, but it is confusing and a waste of space as a column for files. Also, when sorting by nitems, I then get two nitems columns and no size column, probably with a similar problem if I set a separate size column and sort by size (maybe there is a way around that?).

Most directories have no real extension, so it isn't very useful to have an extension column for them, and I would rather have nitems there.
It would also be easier to distinguish directories and files without an extension when looking to the right, because the dot from {#.} is not colored.

Is there anything that would help me to that?

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In case you haven't seen it, there is 'dirsize' option, so you can see nitems for directories instead of their size.

Columns get duplicated when you use {}, which you can replace with some specific column type.

A custom column in Lua would help, but nitems data isn't currently exposed.


dirsize is perfect, thanks!

I want to see date when sorting by date. I guess I could just add a command to use {} sometimes, but still I see no use for showing two of the same column side-by-side, unless they are cropped.

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