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How to add icons?

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asked Jul 12, 2017 in vifm by evmorov

On the main website there are short videos on which you can see icons next to the files https://vifm.info/images/v0.9-beta/tree-nav.gif How to add these icons to vifm?

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answered Jul 12, 2017 by xaizek
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First, you need to setup patched fonts for your terminal emulator. For example, one of those from nerd-fonts repository.

Then, tweak 'classify' option to match icons with file types. Here are those which you can see on animations:

" file types
set classify=' :dir:/, :exe:, :reg:, :link:'
" various file names
set classify+=' ::../::, ::*.sh::, ::*.[hc]pp::, ::*.[hc]::, ::/^copying|license$/::, ::.git/,,*.git/::, ::*.epub,,*.fb2,,*.djvu::, ::*.pdf::, ::*.htm,,*.html,,**.[sx]html,,*.xml::'
" archives
set classify+=' ::*.7z,,*.ace,,*.arj,,*.bz2,,*.cpio,,*.deb,,*.dz,,*.gz,,*.jar,,*.lzh,,*.lzma,,*.rar,,*.rpm,,*.rz,,*.tar,,*.taz,,*.tb2,,*.tbz,,*.tbz2,,*.tgz,,*.tlz,,*.trz,,*.txz,,*.tz,,*.tz2,,*.xz,,*.z,,*.zip,,*.zoo::'
" images
set classify+=' ::*.bmp,,*.gif,,*.jpeg,,*.jpg,,*.ico,,*.png,,*.ppm,,*.svg,,*.svgz,,*.tga,,*.tif,,*.tiff,,*.xbm,,*.xcf,,*.xpm,,*.xspf,,*.xwd::'
" audio
set classify+=' ::*.aac,,*.anx,,*.asf,,*.au,,*.axa,,*.flac,,*.m2a,,*.m4a,,*.mid,,*.midi,,*.mp3,,*.mpc,,*.oga,,*.ogg,,*.ogx,,*.ra,,*.ram,,*.rm,,*.spx,,*.wav,,*.wma,,*.ac3::'
" media
set classify+=' ::*.avi,,*.ts,,*.axv,,*.divx,,*.m2v,,*.m4p,,*.m4v,,.mka,,*.mkv,,*.mov,,*.mp4,,*.flv,,*.mp4v,,*.mpeg,,*.mpg,,*.nuv,,*.ogv,,*.pbm,,*.pgm,,*.qt,,*.vob,,*.wmv,,*.xvid::'
" office files
set classify+=' ::*.doc,,*.docx::, ::*.xls,,*.xls[mx]::, ::*.pptx,,*.ppt::'

Not sure if the icons will be visible above without fonts installed and whether codes are the same in all fonts (I had trouble following tables).

If you would like to make a bug report or feature request consider using GitHub, SourceForge or e-mail. Posting such things here is acceptable, but this is not a perfect place for them.