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On the main website there are short videos on which you can see icons next to the files https://vifm.info/images/v0.9-beta/tree-nav.gif How to add these icons to vifm?

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First, you need to setup patched fonts for your terminal emulator. For example, one of those from nerd-fonts repository.

Then, tweak 'classify' option to match icons with file types. Here are those which you can see on animations:

" file types
set classify=' :dir:/, :exe:, :reg:, :link:'
" various file names
set classify+=' ::../::, ::*.sh::, ::*.[hc]pp::, ::*.[hc]::, ::/^copying|license$/::, ::.git/,,*.git/::, ::*.epub,,*.fb2,,*.djvu::, ::*.pdf::, ::*.htm,,*.html,,**.[sx]html,,*.xml::'
" archives
set classify+=' ::*.7z,,*.ace,,*.arj,,*.bz2,,*.cpio,,*.deb,,*.dz,,*.gz,,*.jar,,*.lzh,,*.lzma,,*.rar,,*.rpm,,*.rz,,*.tar,,*.taz,,*.tb2,,*.tbz,,*.tbz2,,*.tgz,,*.tlz,,*.trz,,*.txz,,*.tz,,*.tz2,,*.xz,,*.z,,*.zip,,*.zoo::'
" images
set classify+=' ::*.bmp,,*.gif,,*.jpeg,,*.jpg,,*.ico,,*.png,,*.ppm,,*.svg,,*.svgz,,*.tga,,*.tif,,*.tiff,,*.xbm,,*.xcf,,*.xpm,,*.xspf,,*.xwd::'
" audio
set classify+=' ::*.aac,,*.anx,,*.asf,,*.au,,*.axa,,*.flac,,*.m2a,,*.m4a,,*.mid,,*.midi,,*.mp3,,*.mpc,,*.oga,,*.ogg,,*.ogx,,*.ra,,*.ram,,*.rm,,*.spx,,*.wav,,*.wma,,*.ac3::'
" media
set classify+=' ::*.avi,,*.ts,,*.axv,,*.divx,,*.m2v,,*.m4p,,*.m4v,,.mka,,*.mkv,,*.mov,,*.mp4,,*.flv,,*.mp4v,,*.mpeg,,*.mpg,,*.nuv,,*.ogv,,*.pbm,,*.pgm,,*.qt,,*.vob,,*.wmv,,*.xvid::'
" office files
set classify+=' ::*.doc,,*.docx::, ::*.xls,,*.xls[mx]::, ::*.pptx,,*.ppt::'

Not sure if the icons will be visible above without fonts installed and whether codes are the same in all fonts (I had trouble following tables).