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Hi, vifm is taking around 12s to startup on windows 10 on cmder using nvim as editor. It seems to be a issue with update_geometry and resize_all. The log basically loops around update_geometry, resize_all and modes_redraw. Any help is appreciated.

Vifm log file: https://pastebin.com/0z9962R4

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not sure if there is a recursion there, it could be that you start vifm in a directory which is constantly updated like root of c:\ drive, which keeps vifm busy. I haven't seen significant slowdown like the one you describe, but try starting it somewhere else by specifying paths in the arguments.

Also, does it happen in cmd.exe as well or only in cmder?


I figure it out. With the --no-configs argument vifm started normally. The .vifm-Trash directory in C:\ was 257GB big but what was actually slowing it down was the vifminfo file in ~\AppData\Roaming\Vifm\ that was 13k lines long. I deleted the.vifm-Trash directory and erased everything under "# Trash content:" in the vifminfo file and the startup time is back to normal.

Maybe vifm was updating or processing the slashes in filepaths like this:

Thank you for your help!


Thanks, I'll try to reproduce the slowdown. 12s for 13K deleted files seems like too much.


An update: this isn't a Windows-specific issue. Got 33s for 50k files in trash on my machine. Already fixed in development version, so it will be part of version that follows 0.10.1.

For 50k files the speed up is ~220 times for debug build, this should be sufficiently fast for much larger trashes.


Thanks! Cleaning out the .vfim-trash worked like a charm!

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