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I have been making icons for filetypes and has been successful except for the case of *.txt files. It gives me a File Sourcing Error saying Invalid filetype:  ::*.txt and Invalid argument for :set command.

All the other icons work, but instead of having just one icon for all 'reg' (i guess it means registry) files, I would like the *.txt files to have a different icon so that I can quickly differentiate between config files and readme files (usually readme files are in .txt format while config files are not). I have made other custom icons (for `.iso` files, for example) and none of them gave me any issues about syntax.

Thanks for a great project, btw :)

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It looks like you forgot trailing ::. This works for me:

set classify+=' ::*.txt::'

'reg' (i guess it means registry)

No, "reg" is for "regular" (not directories or executables or anything else).


Thanks, it worked.

I could have sworn I already tried that, but maybe I was just sleep deprived.