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If I "dd" or "yy" file that has executable permission (chmod +x), when pasting with "p" nothing hapens. Message is "0 files inserted". "set runexec" does not help. How to change this?


There is no option for this, it's not normal behaviour. What are source and destination file system types? Is there noexec on the destination one or something else special about it?


OS is FreeBSD 13, on ZFS. Nothing special about. I have no problem moving or copying files in shell, or other file managers, like Ranger. Reinstall of vifm did not help either. Didn't noticed this before. I'm using vifm over a year, hardly any customization. I don't know what could I messed up.

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You can turn 'syscalls' option off to use cp, mv, etc., which might work.

I've setup FreeBSD-13 Vagrant and see the issue. It looks like a weird bug on FreeBSD. Will look into it. Thanks for the report!

Fixed now on master.


Yes, commenting line "set syscalls" in vifmrc works.

Also, note that "P" (upppercase) works, even with syscalls set, if that helps.