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The manual says %s and %v are for showing the command output in tmux splits, but this command shows the output in the same terminal (if I press s, I will see the output and can go back to vifm by ctrl+d):

command! dft df -h %v 2> /dev/null

thank you

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Integration with screen/tmux first needs to be enabled using :screen command.


It seems to be working, but it quickly closes the tmux split. How can I keep it open until I close it?


You can append ; read -n1. For screen it actually pauses, but it's annoying if you run interactive applications, I think this is why I didn't do it for tmux, although it's inconsistent.


I tried both %v and %s and they pause on sub-shell:

command! dft df -h %s 2> /dev/null; read -n1

Am I doing it wrong?


Actually the issue is with screen . I have it is my vifmrc, but still every time I re-execute vifm, I need to reactivate screen manually. Is there a way to enable it in vifmrc?


It seems that every time I use a command with %s or %v it disables the screen and it has to be manually enabled again.


If you put it in vifmrc, then use :screen!. :screen toggles the state. I meant that with GNU screen you don't need ; read -n1.

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