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I just started using vifm on Windows11. When I open vifm, it uses the whole windows. Since my Window is maximized it uses the whole screen. When I open a text file by pressing Enter, it opens it in vim, but only using the upper half of the window. How can I fix this?


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Terminals on Windows are weird, it might be using a non-maximized window size or saved properties for Vim executable. I'm not sure if that's Vifm's fault (might be if this happens, say, to shell as well) or you need to just edit properties of Vim (right click on window icon -> "Properties" should open that).


Thanks a lot xaizek! That way I've found the layout within the properties that had the window and window buffer configured this strange layout.

I've now changed it to what it showed with vifm being open and it looks fine now. Still changing the layout when switching Monitors, but at least I know where to fix it :)

Thanks again!