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I have problem launching vifm on the windows network directory. I am using msys2 with vifm obtained from the package manager.

I have no luck launching with command vifm , vifm . , vifm //networkname, vifm "//networkname" on the terminal

Even when inside vifm, I tried command :goto //networkname and it says: "Path doesn't exist: /networkname"

Thank you for your help

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msys2 is based on Cygwin and so is Unix-like environment. This means that that build doesn't have Windows-specific features like :volumes command or Windows paths support including UNC paths.


Is there any workaround to get this working on msys?


No, I don't really know how to compile it as a Windows application against Unix-like curses.


Assign the network drive to a drive letter in windows e.g. z:
Then mount your network drive using fstab entry in msys2:

z: /mnt/mountpoint smbfs binary,user,notexec 0 0

Then use vifm and navigate to it from /mnt/mountpoint, you will no longer experience issues with UNC paths or path errors.

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