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Using vifm, we use Space to jump from one pane to the other. But in iTerm2 on a Mac, pressing Space while a file or folder triggers a quicklook.

Does anyone know a configuration trick in iTerm2 (or elsewhere) that changes this behaviour so that I can use vifm productively?

(Sorry that this is not really a vifm question per se, but I can't find relevant information elsewhere and figured someone here would know.)

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Answering my own question. I have transferred from Windows to Mac and assumed vifm would work more or less as it always has for me. But the Mac install of vifm (via brew) has a customised default vifmrc, which is well and good but it is the cause of the issue I have raised. Specifically the line:

" View preview in Quick Look
nnoremap <space> :!qlmanage -p %f > /dev/null 2>&1<cr>

I will now change this mapping to use a different key. The functionality is desired but not the use of Space.

Thank you to xaizek: your answer was very helpful.

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Whatever quicklook is, you can always map another key (o in this case):

nnoremap o <space>

Or use Ctrl-WCtrl-W.

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