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Hi all, i recently found that its possible to make vifm show preview of currently pointed file with Ueberzug

So i installed it, tried this approach and it didn't work in a way that vifm does now show any images. Firstly i created .scripts/ folder in home directory, added it to $PATH, then throwed vifmimg and vifmrun in it. No luck

Then i downloaded scripts from DistroTube repository (after watching this video) and again -- no success in making previews work.

P.S I tried moving vifmimg and vifmrun to .config/vifm/scripts/ both together and separately


But previews does not change alongside pointer change

They should if you're using :view.

Nothing to explore

I think this is fixed in the development version. To work around it, you can try adding echo ' ' to vifmimg.

Also gif launch freezes vifm

I see sleep .07in the script, so I guess this is how it works. You can hit Ctrl-C to abort the preview.


Thank you very much! I'l try

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the gif preview part is screwing up my image preview when I added it i couldn't see previews anymore


charbel sarkis, have you tried filing an issue for vifmimg? I'm not maintaining it and not using either, so it's hard to provide support for it.

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For some reason now it works

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